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  1. Re scape

    Looking great Dave. Nice and open underneath for good water movement John Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. not been around for a while.....

    Looks great.some great growth and colour Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. New to the forum

    Welcome to reef-face[emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Bryopsis let the battle begin

    good write up there Dave. first I'd heard of this treatment. Was there any noticeable effect on water quality, corals or fish or crabs/shrimps etc?
  5. Is There Anything Else I Can Do

    raise the salinity by one per day. perhaps give it a rock to hide behing and feed a little nori
  6. 2015 Reef Meets

    Id be up for it, however as I live in Scotland I'll have to wish you all well and hope you have a great time. John
  7. Durso Advice Needed

    reduce it by putting a tap below the bulkhead
  8. Durso Advice Needed

    anything done in haste is never good. wait for more replys
  9. Durso Advice Needed

    powerheads are much better for water movement anyway .You've not said the size of your tank but I'm guessing 6ft+? see if the temperature remains stable in the dt. check first thing in the morning.
  10. Durso Advice Needed

    well my system is about 1000 litres and I run a 3500. some people quote certain turn over levels but I think as long as the temperature is stable,plenty of good light, plenty of water movement within the dt and good water quality then (to me) it wont matter running a smaller turnover. If I was you Id run the eheim and enjoy the tank and chill.
  11. Durso Advice Needed

    How about raising one weir a little so that it gets no water/very little. Use a tap on the main drain so that you can adjust the height of water in the corner box. That is of course if you didn't glue the pipe onto the bulkhead. My return is only a 3500 litre/hr laguna pump as any more pushes my water too high in the dt.
  12. Durso Advice Needed

    I have a double return in my single corner weir. no dusos and totally quiet. ist drain no standpipe just the bulkhead running through a tap that can adjust how much water stays in the weir. 2nd drain standpipe to a few ml below dt water level. if I hear the water running through that one(slight gurgle) the I open the tap on first drain a touch. However because you have 2 weirs then its not that easy.
  13. Whats Best Torch/hammer Food

    I suspect it's more likely due to water quality...phosphate... and green hair algae.
  14. Whats Best Torch/hammer Food

    they should grow fine without any target feeding. high quality water,light and water movements all you need. always rinse any live/frozen food you use.
  15. Fish Are Diseased :-(

    if the royal gramma goes in a rock then you might want to try taking the rock out bto a bucket or another tank and wait for it to come out. How are the ammonia levels?