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  1. cheers mate, i've ordered one
  2. warm white or cool white ?
  3. not sure the items that are coming up are the same ones
  4. ok thanks any links ?
  5. just wondering what everyone is using for lighting in order to grow algae in their sump ? thank you.
  6. i'm tired of this BM nac7 overflowing without notice
  7. cheers guys, keep them coming
  8. i did consider getting another aquamedic turbofloater 5000 shorty II, but thought i would put it out to all your experience :) cheers for that mate i will add to the list
  9. does yours work flawlessly with no over flows occurring ?
  10. i'll look it up thanks mate
  11. right guys i've had enough of this NAC7, it keeps over flowing and with me working away a lot i need something that the wife doesnt have to woory about, also since i'm upgrading to a 6x2x2 i need it to be big enough for that set up. thanks in advance.
  12. yeah lol, well starting to look anyway
  13. hello, its been a while but i'm after some suggestions on where to purchase a 6' tank from, i only require the aquarium as i'm making the cabinet. does anyone have any experience with "", as they have fairly decent prices. thanks in advance.