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  1. Norwich Raid 26th-27th May 2012

    Sorry, I hadnt really been following this thread recently. We have your little fella here and he is gorgeous :)
  2. Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse

    We can get males and females in but think we are a little far for you? Most LFS including ourselves tend to get the males in as these are the most popular. Nice to see someone wanting to go for a pair.
  3. Norwich Raid 26th-27th May 2012

    I have 4 due in on 9th May :)
  4. Rowaphos Prices

    It really is great news. We have sold stacks since the price drop so its good all round. People are keener to try it and change it regularly plus sales have gone up for us LFS.
  5. Damn its lonely in East Anglia. More shops than there are members
  6. Is My Green Bubble Tip Sick?

    Can you put a tiny bit of flow near it and see what happens. I dont mean blast it but just a waft of flow. I have seen nems come back from much worse than this and live long and happy lives. The problem is that it is a risk. Are you at home all the time or do you work? If you are out of the house for long periods could you set up a small tank with just a heater and airline on full for a day and pop it in there to give it a chance to recover without the risk to your main tank?
  7. Shaving Brush Algae

    These are quite a difficult algae to keep but beautiful Good calcium levels will really help.
  8. Live Rock Id

    Some good flow, not too much light and a fine food
  9. Crab Living In My Acropora

    As above. Great addition to your acro. He shouldnt do any harm, in fact will do good.
  10. Which Led Light

    We have a running AI SOL in the shop if anyone is coming over for the raid. It is actually hung slightly too high in order to cover a 3 foot tank but the light still looks fantastic. We are so impressed with it we are now in the process of selling off our TMC lights and adding 3 sols to a 6 foot tank, 3 to another 6 foot tank and 2 to a 4 foot tank. I have sold stacks of these lights and everyone says that they are much better than they expected.
  11. Tailspot Blenny Coming Home

    We found them really shy in the shop for the first few days but then they suddenly realised we were friends and started to get really friendly. His little friend who was with him now feeds direct from the pipette. Re the mandarin: I always think 150 litres is a good enough size for a mandarin who takes frozen.
  12. Tailspot Blenny Coming Home

    Awww so cute...and smiling for the picture.
  13. Tailspot Blenny Coming Home

    If you do decide to get one let me know as we often have a bit of a waiting list. This week we finally cleared the list and have caught up with ourselves but sometimes it can take a month or so.
  14. Sponsor Request

    I have some coming in next Thursday
  15. Tailspot Blenny Coming Home

    Every mandarin we sell is kept in the shop till it feeds on frozen. Sometimes it can take 3 months but we stick with it till they just love the taste of mysis. I am a huge fan of mandarins and trying desperately to breed them myself. Once in your tank they need to be fed in a quiet corner - it wont take long till they go to that corner every time you approach the tank. If you do have problems with other fish then just hide a dragonettes den in your tank.