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  1. Been googling and looks like an Emerald Crab but would appreciate confirmation from some gurus [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Can anyone help with ID of this crab please? Carapace is about 1.25cm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yo!

    Hi all. Back after a big break (8+ years). Significantly smaller system but glad to be back on RF!! Hoping that some of the longer standing members remember me lol Darren
  4. Back Again After A Break

    Ha! Cheers Mark :-) Like the look of them :D
  5. Hi all, I'm back again after a few years out of the game. Looking at getting a nano but don't want anything with plastic/wood trim. Looking at something that is no bigger than the 90/100 litre mark. Like the clean lines of the fluval edge but need something marine friendly. Tmc micro habitat is only 30 litres but can hold a couple of small fish (only looking at a couple of little fish) with some softies.... Any suggestions or thoughts?? Good to be back!!!!
  6. New mods

    Just seen this - dear God they will really let anyone be a mod these days. I see the website has truly gone down the pan since i was last on here lol. Seriously though - well done Trace, Chris and Nev - well deserved (i'm sure there was some back handers there)
  7. New Moderators

    Crikey they'll let anyone be a moderator of an internet forum these days won't they. When i were a lad the only moderators were true, upright and knowledgeable about the hobby, profession etc in which they were moderating. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And i am glad that things haven't changed here. Robin, Ste, Paul - well done lads all truly well deserved :icon_affraid:
  8. Reefkeepers Weekender 2008

    :icon_affraid: Ste - naff off :rolleyes:
  9. Reefkeepers Weekender 2008

    Oh yea - i thought i might mention - i won't be going either but April and the Kids will still be going :icon_affraid: No i won't be going to the Blue Oyster Bar or elsewhere of that type lol :rolleyes:
  10. we lost the battle

    Dunno what to say Trace and Wayne - devasted for you. Boris was someone special :lol:
  11. What you got in your sump?

    My sump has MM and chaeto lit 24/7 - constantly low nitrates (less than 2) - 0 phosphates (although phos reactor will be helping with that) All this on the advice of a very, VERY helpful LFS owner :icon_thumright:
  12. attention all reefers!!

    signed :icon_thumright:
  13. check your refractrometer

    I calibrate mine every water change :smoke3:
  14. power cut in radcliffe

    I'm just glad i have my generator :)
  15. power cut in radcliffe

    Except that would be carbon dioxide would it not?!?