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  1. Plumbing Help

    I had the same prob with N&D tank, with the twin return you want one about just below half way down the weir the other you would need longer this open is your emergency overflow in case the other blocks, some people have a slight trickle going down the emergency pipe but I don't so if there was a blog page I would hear the gurgle.I will try and put some pics up of my pipework later. Luckily I don't live to far for. N&D so popped down there and Nick explained how the pipework went.
  2. Nyos Goldpod And Nyos Reef Pepper

    Flipper magnet -is good as it cleans just pass the pelment along the top of the tank,i also like the felt pad it has to clean glass.it cleanes right upto the corners on silicone,think it will take a bit of time to master flipping it to use scraper.Scraper easily removed coraline spots from tanks
  3. Nyos Goldpod And Nyos Reef Pepper

    well it arrived today and fish went mad for it, my corals hammers, maxi nem, zoas, mushrooms all went crazy for it,it is early days so will monitor, also got my flipper magnet it's great
  4. Nyos Goldpod And Nyos Reef Pepper

    anyone if not I will put a review up in a cople of weeks :)
  5. hi just wondered if anyone has used Nyos Goldpod and Nyos Reef pepper? I have ordered some and just wondered if anyone had used these as not a lot of reviews on these thanks
  6. Question About Nori

    i use tesco's nori, my regal,yellow tang and flame where all a bit weary of the seaweed and clip at first took about a week before they got use to it,Also I have a magnetic seaweed clip so dont have to worry about it floating of behind the rockwork
  7. Hi wondered if anyone can tell me can i mount my aquarays straight ontop my hood its some sort of metal with a plastic coating,the tank is a rena aqualife 350 and the hood is in 3 sections (like square sheets) it's just i have seen mount strips and were.nt sure if i needed to put this on the hood and mount the lights into them? on the other hand the aquarays came with screws and has two holes that they go into sorry but confused .com I am.
  8. Brought a v2 compact skimmer yesterday and so far very happy with it,only thing is the outlet is letting out fine bubbles,skimmer comes with a sponge to go over nozzle but dont seem to stop bubbles, would anyone know if i was to extend the outlet deeper into tank would this stop the bubbles?
  9. Halide Lighting

    can anyone tell me can halides be tank mounted or is this a no no due to heat?
  10. can someone tell me the difference between sps and lps corals pls?
  11. Tank Cycle Readings Advice

    Right will get a prawn to put in, I was getting well confused.com, as remember on old tank having a cycle,
  12. The Skimmer Is Off !

    iam planning on running my skimmer over night only as i found on my old tank corals(softies) done much better when skimmer was off during the day, why i dont know,
  13. Aquariums And Home Insurance

    hi i work in the insurance industry, you'll find nearly all ins co will cover tank and equip but not any of the stock, but beaware as i recently dealt with a fresh water tank that had leak water from filter hose,must of been dripping for ages as laminate floor was proper damaged,anyway ins co are trying to say not covered due to lack of maintenace
  14. A Taste For Chicken

    i use to give my clowns chickens they loved it
  15. Tank Cycle Readings Advice

    yeah i thought nitrite was suppose to go up as well,