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  1. Hows this going, have you won the battle?
  2. My temp hit over 28oC whilst at work when we had the hot spell. Nothing i could do. But looking at my temp data via profilux It has had no adverse effect ony tank. Lucky escape.....
  3. I was there on Tuesday, pick 5 up for £35. Will be going again in the next week or so.
  4. Welcome back.. Tank will have lots of scope with that rock work structure.
  5. If there is anything Graphical you guys need let me know... I used to run that side of things on another reef forum not with us anymore. "Not my doing" hehe
  6. You putting on a BBQ? For us all... Good Man
  7. My shifts are moving slightly so can confirm 100% date availability on Thursday when back in work. Are we looking at first couple of weeks into March. Have we got a list of shops available or that people want to visit? Just so we can give a heads up to owners? Oasis Burscough Corals Direct Abyss
  8. Tripic marin Pro salt, for me. If its a tad low I buffer alk cal or mag. Better to have it under than over. Pretty much any good brand salt is good, its what base params your after. I started with redsea coral pro, moved to D&D and now Tropic Marine. Over the last three years
  9. Bought 5kg of carbon, 5kg of Rowa and 10mtrs of filter floss(for the socks) Also picked up a shoal of scribbled Anthias and a magnificent fox face. All aclimated and in QT. Roll on tomorrow 120l water change on display tank, changing media on 2x rowa filters. Adding carbon and cleaning skimmer. Full water test and top up on my dosing containers.
  10. Nyos Quantum 160, Originally ran Deltec APF600 gravity fed. - swapped to get more room in sump, for other things. Agree with W3bbo Brilliant Skimmer, pulls some crap out once dialled in right.
  11. Also I have cleaned the whole of my tank glass late last week and now there is what looks to be the same brown algae on this (on the back glass). Could it be a bacteria bloom? From increased nitrates. I have a 4" dsb in main display.
  12. Yeah I have read and viewed pictures, that the tips have burnt. I didn't want to snip the ends if it ends up then growing on the untouched newly snipped piece. It's strange as tank has been bang on, since getting back the passion. My phosphates have dropped and held at level around 0.008 on a elos pro test kit. Nitrates which I never really had a reading on since setting tank up have jumped abit but never over 5ppm. But that was due to heavy feeding tank due to anthias addition and a possible white spot outbreak. A lot of people suggest power heads or return directly aimed at corals but I haven't changed these. Lighting was reduced 6 weeks ago. Have ordered some iodine to lightly dose. But other than this I'm lost.
  13. I have noticed over the last several days the tips to my blue tip stag, forest fire, and lime green table acro have started to get brown dust like tips to them. See attached images. Now my params as of 14th September Nitrate 5ppm Phosphate 0.015 Mag 1260 Alk 6.7 Calcium 350 My doser hadn't dosed so levels dropped abit. As of today params are Nitrate 2 - water change and fed less Phosphate 0.008 exchanged one reactor with fresh media. Mag 1360 - buffered Alk 8.8 buffered Calcium 425 buffered. Any ideas what could cause this lighting has not been changed still same light and programme of lighting. Nothing else has been changed. Other than testing a mp40qd for around 20 minutes last week. Everything else in tank is looking great.. Any help would be appreciated Regards Rick
  14. I have the Dc9000 which i bought at the same time as @@WOODY5371 I have it throttled back to 90%, on my return plumbing I have 2 large deltec reactors which are teed off. More than enough. For the price it's lasted 2 years so far.