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  1. Hi guys do these look ok? I'm using Red Sea pro test kits except for the Phos one which is the hanna checker. I think it's giving me an incorrect result. I'm buying a Red Sea Phos kit tomorrow. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5 Phos 1.59 Calcium 425 Alk 8dkh Mag 1320 SG 1.025 pH 7.6 Temp 25C 2 x banghai cardinals 1x regal 1 x powder blue 1 x maroon clown 2 x cleaner shrimp Cuc Hammer 2 x torch Zoos Frogspawn Favia I've got a 38gallon but all fish are only half an inch except the clown which is about 3". I know tangs need a bigger tank but I'm upgrading to 7ft within the next 6months. All corals are frags except for the hammer which is about 6-7". I don't run any reactors as I'd had my fill of all the equipment when I kept my 8ft and wanted to keep this one simple. Carrying out weekly 25% water changes. Is this too much? Thanks for the advice Pete
  2. Phos In Ro Water

    The order I explained them in I got from the manual but actually looking at it the DI pod is the last one in the line
  3. Phos In Ro Water

    Will do mate. Had one here but it's been lost when the gf "tidied" up when I was away
  4. Phos In Ro Water

    Hi guys I have the following filters in this order Sediment, Carbon, membrane, DI and then odour/taste removal
  5. Phos In Ro Water

    Yes mate, cant remember the exact filters but i have membrane, carbon, something else and then DI. I can have a proper look when i get home tonight.
  6. Phos In Ro Water

    Yes mate for about 30min
  7. Phos In Ro Water

    Perfect. Thanks mate. Makes sense
  8. Phos In Ro Water

    Hi guys. Been away for a long while but kept my various setups over the last few years. Set up a fowlr predator tank but lost my livestock as I was working abroad and the gf was looking after the tank so I've decided to give it one last go. Anyhoo back on topic. Bought myself a 4 stage RO filter last week as mine was way over due an upgrade. Just tested my DT and my Phos is 0.17, decided to check the RO and its at 0.16. Is this normal with new filters? Don't have a TDS at the min as mine is broken. I'm using the Hanna checker Thanks Pete
  9. My tank is crystal clear today for the 1st time in years. The eel has lived through the night too. Gonna do some more tests
  10. Hopefully a big water change will help n I'll dose with nopox. Just hope the eel survives it all
  11. Guess I'll have to put it down to one of my stupid live and learn moments. I've been working away from home for the last few months and haven't been home. My gf has been looking after my tank but hasn't done any water changes. My readings were high so I was looking for a way to get them down. Guess I'll keep doing my water changes and restock slowly when it's ready
  12. My nitrates an phos were high. Phos was up to 1.2ppm. My gf grabbed this from LFS n when I read it it sounded like it would stabilise my levels. I read the box and it seemed to be fine to use it. Looking back it was a really stupid thing to do. My eel has survived for now. Got him in a bucket with a heater. Gonna do a decent water change tomorrow and try and add him back into the tank
  13. I bought the above kit yesterday after reading the box and thinking (stupidly) that it will stabilise the levels in my mature setup. I was looking to bring my phosphate and nitrate levels down. Added it to my tank this morn and a few hours later I've lost all my stock. I looked through the manual and box and nowhere does it state you can't add this to an established system. Am I wrong in adding this? Is this what caused my tank crash? My levels are No3 25 No2 0 Ca 420 KH 8.4 PH 8.4 Phosphate 0.5 My stock was a dwarf lionfish, porcupine puffer, 3 x damsels and a zebra moray eel
  14. Chat Room

    Yeah mine are faded too, too much dishwasher usage lol
  15. Chat Room

    No had the big green rf logo on it. Was prob about 4-5 years ago