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  1. Just got myself a 9000ltr pump way to big I no but it was cheap as chips lol...
  2. Oasis had some in last month. I would say fish mans frags but he's only doing mail order these days not sure why ?
  3. So Rowa isn't as good as it used to be ? Is this just your opinion? Or a general one ?
  4. Every time I did a water change..
  5. Took my two girls to the abyss today to look at the fish wow there prices.. dont forget my tanks only a reefer 250. 1 Midas blenny 2 red fire fish 3 hawk fish 4 leopard wrasse 5 yellow tang 6 kole tang 7 convict tang 8 mystery wrasse 9 royal granma 10 naked clown fish...
  6. Long long time.
  7. Feel free to pm me a price for a mp10 qt drive please.
  8. Same here.. Carl want to jump on the back of my bike lol.
  9. That's good I need to get some water in my tank lol..
  10. Worth a trip out.
  11. I've just got back from burscough lots on nice sps frags in 3 for £25.
  12. Saying that I bet your not going to get anything like 2000 from it.
  13. Do you not think that's overkill? I only had a 3000 on my 4/2/2
  14. No I was going to buy a cheap old maxijet for a phos reactor..
  15. I'm looking at return pumps dc.My tanks 250l with rock call it 220l So I'm thinking a 2000l pump will be more then enough 8 times an hours-turn over. Your thoughts please ?