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  1. Nice one Keith. :)
  2. Well done Grant.
  3. You are a page editor now tom as well.
  4. Apologies James, not been on a lot recently. I have an evergrow 2060 pro reef unit and it's working great. I replaced an ATI t5 unit with it and it's one of the best investments I've made. The settings are simple and it comes with an advice sheet advising what percentage of power to use for the first few weeks. As you say, it will pay for itself in no time. Mark
  5. Oh, an announcement, yeah, no problem, you can do this too btw but I'll do this one and show you another time. :)
  6. Good to have you on board Simon :hi: I've used the old Reef-Eden site a lot in the past, my last tank took a lot of inspiration from one of your step by step guides, including the stand! Mark
  7. How big is the tank?
  8. Username and password is the same as what I emailed you with Gareth. I've logged on with it and can get on with no issues. Signing in with Facebook seems to cause problems, just log in with your usual reef-face details.
  9. I've merged all your posts and topics to your new account. Hope I've done what you were asking?
  10. See if that worked ok Gareth, let me know if it did and I'll delete the old account. cheers Mark
  11. Hi Gareth, I looked last night for the username you gave yesterday but couldn't find it, good job tom's here, lol. I'll have a go at merging the two accounts tonight if that's possible, (I think it is) :)
  12. I can help but not till I get home tonight. Gareth, pm me your previous username and the email addy you would have used please.
  13. I think this guide is still current.....
  14. PM replied to David. Cheers Mark