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The Reef-Face Team

    New to the forum

    By andyales,

    I am new to the forum, my name is Andy. I have been keeping marine fish for about 4 years now and have learnt a lot during that time, like a lot of what not to do but also a lot of what should be done.
    I started with a BiOrb with a modified filter pump filled with carbon and phosphate pellets, sand substrate and live rock with an starry blennie and a pair of clowns, but quickly realised this wasn't a good setup, so upgraded.
    my upgraded and present setup is a Juwel LIDO 120 ltr tank with Juwel filter housing filled with live rock and filter floss, Juwel Protein skimmer ((Pre Juwel remod)which is rubbish), 2 power heads and an eheim surface skimmer, deep sand base with live rock back wall, pillar and outcrop. occupants of the tank are my original pair of Clowns, a male red scooter blennie, and a allen's damsel, a flaming scallop, a tube anemone, numerous turban snails, bubble bee snails, conch snail and  columbellid snails a blue legged hermit, and a couple of rock pool hermits (unsure of the variety). I also have a few varieties of marco algaes and also still plagued with hair algae and cyanobacteria algae.

    Red Sea Reefer 650 Peninsula

    By chris.viner87,

    Welcome to my Red Sea Reefer 650 Peninsula thread
    My original plan was to build a custom 6ft reef that matched my sitting room furniture - I created a thread and plans went on and on... see here:
    Chris’s 150G 6ft reef build
    However after delays with build prices, the cost of purchasing specialist oak cladding and some persuasion from friends, I opted for a Red Sea Reefer 650 Peninsula.
    What a great decision that was! The build quality of the Reefer and Red Sea customer service I have received so far has been amazing... So here goes my visual journey so far...
    She’s arrived
    Man that’s a beast!!
    Proper skimmer for the job
    Cheeky little control panel I built out of the wooden box the Reefer was shipped in
    I’ve wrapped the back panels and sump in Black to matched the rest of the sump area and hide cables etc. Also installed the UV today
    Started to have a play around with the scape bits - just need to get the tank on now...
    2x Orphek Atlantic V4’s and gateway
    1x Kessil 380w Fuge Light (still to buy)

    Octopus Regal 200 S skimmer
    D-D 39w UV Steriliser
    1x Octopus varios 6 (return pump)
    1x Octopus varios 2 (uv pump and return back up)
    DD RO 2phase unit
    30kg Real reef Gen4
    3x CaribSea Arag-Alive Special and Pink Live Sand 20kg

    2x EHIEM heater 300w

    Wave makers:
    Not sure yet - either Gyre, Tunze’s, MP40’s it Neptune Wave

    Neptune apex
    Neptune auto top off
    Neptune Dos or GHL 2.1 - still to buy and still unsure

    Fish plans:
    2x Picasso Clownfish, Captive-Bred
    1x Exquisite Firefish
    1x Flame Hawkfish
    2x Diamond Watchman Goby
    2x Exquisite Fairy Wrasse
    2x Flame Fairy Wrasse
    1x Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse
    1x Potters Angel
    10x Lyretail Anthias
    3x Yellow tangs
    Yes I’ll be getting a lid to avoid all these carpet surfers from jumping out 🤣

    25x Turbos
    25x Hermits
    1x Urchin short spines tuxedo (1x per 100ltr)
    2x Pepper mint shrimp
    2x Cleaner shrimp
    25x Nassarius Snail
    2x Fighting conch

    Mostly SPS, but I’m aiming to have a good mix throughout the layers of the tank


    By Gordon@reefloat,

    FREE DELIVERY for limited time period more detail here


    new to this site

    By nitromax,

    Hi everyone.


    I have been a tropical AQUARIUMIST for 20 years, until my last tank seals started to leak, so got a new tank and decided on trying Marine out.


    It has been a long road and a lot of modifications along the way but got there in the end, now enjoying my new tank.


    this is what my tank looks like, still bare, but liking the difference from tropical to marine.




    Returning Sponsor

    By mrdave,

    Guys I know most of you will know or remember Gordon but please welcome back @Gordon@reefloat to Reef Face

    Welcome back Reefloat



    By carlo,

    hi all I'm new too forum I'm new to reef keeping  I have a fluval m60 tank  is my pictures too big 


    Radion diffusers

    By mrdave,

    Ecotech Marine have released an upgrade for all Radion lighting units.

    A light diffuser which is compatible with all generations and only reducing PAR readings by 25%

    read HERE





    Show me your Wrasse!

    By ANT@TMC,

    My favourite wrasse this week! Lennard’s Wrasse (Anampses lennardi). A. 3a6a572cba05c3d6688538fdfff31010.jpg


    Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk



    New Mega Tank Build in TMC's Reception....

    By ANT@TMC,

    Hi All,

    I thought I'd start a new Tank Thread! I'm removing the TMC Signature tank that is in the reception area currently and replacing it with a REEF-Habitat tank. **This is a prototype tank**

    REEF Habitat 9.jpg

    Equipment I'm looking to use will all be latest TMC products !cool

    TMC REEF-Habitat tank **This is a prototype tank**
    TMC REEF-Sump XL - Reef roller ready
    TMC REEF-Roller 
    TMC REEF-Skim PRO DC 500
    TMC REEF-Tide Standard
    TMC REEF-Tide Compact
    TMC REEF BIO-Gro - Algae Reactors
    TMC REEF-Fill Compact
    TMC REEF Pump 4000 or 8000
    TMC REEF-Filter 1000
    TMC REEF EASI-Dose Dosing System
    TMC EASI-Dose 3 Dosing Container 4.5L 
    TMC REEF EASI-Stir Magnetic Stirrer

    Don't think I've forgotten anything !lol Let me know if I have..

    Now inside the tank coral sand and Pukani Dry rock..

    I'll be using Tropic Marin® NITRIBIOTIC to start the tank cycle - The nitrifying bacteria efficiently start the nitrification process, i.e. the process of breaking toxic ammonia down into non-toxic nitrate. 

    Tropic Marin BIO-ACTIF Sea Salt
    Tropic Marin Original Balling Component
    Tropic Marin K+ ELEMENTS and A- ELEMENTS

    Fish - what should I add?

    Corals - which type of corals should I add SPS only, LPS only Soft Corals or a mix of all? Or do you have an great idea let me know!

    Old tanks was stripped down in record time on Friday 40 min, I might have had some help though 8)

    The new tank is on a pallet ready to be put in our reception hopefully tomorrow!

    Any comments or ideas on this please do comment...

    New to the forum

    By JamieJ4249,

    Morning all,

    im new to this forum after been suggested it by a family member!

    i have a 267ltr EA reef pro been keeping fish for years but only reef for probably 3yrs

    will soon be moving to a new house where I’d like to build a 72”x24”x24” reef tank but this probably won’t be for another year or so.