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The Reef-Face Team

    Re scape

    By mrdave,

    So after a day out with @w3bbo we decided a lite rescape was in order 


    Full tank shots

    By mrdave,

    Let’s see them 



    By Monty66,

    I have had my juwel skimmer in my tank for 4months it's a Rio 450 and it's full of microbubbles put in a blue sponge opened the door closed it did the same to the valve and it's still the same even asked juwel for help but they told me to get another one can someone HELP PLEASE

    Alfs little reef

    By alfie,

    The story so far.

    A little over 3 years ago due to hectic work commitments I was forced to shut down my reef. As you all know the amount of money and time we invest in these shutting down a tank is a hard thing to do and I said to the missus "never again". Even though I often found myself looking at old pictures and videos I have managed to resist the urge to visit the forums and lfs'.
    Anyway, we moved across the country last month to a lovely village in Lincolnshire. The house is roomier and a couple of comments were made about how a tank would look nice here ;)

    Well after taking the missus to a couple of stores in Scunthorpe yesterday we stopped by at a pet store to pick up something for one of our dogs, they had an aquarium section with marines! unfortunately the condition of the stock was very poor but it did raise the conversation of whether they sell tanks. They did but nothing we wanted, just the usual Juwel tropical type tanks and I left a little deflated.
    Surprised and sat back in the carpark my missus was on her phone saying "there must be somewhere that sells tanks here". I took the opportunity by giving her the get out of it option "lets just go home" when she said there were two stores within half and hour, one about 5 minutes away. I gave here about 3 nano seconds to respond to my comment, started the car and said "what's the postcode?"

    So a few minutes later we are steadily on the way and she comes out with " right, if your getting another tank I want promises its going to be right and not water dripping everywhere!", which obviously I replied with "of course love". Now obviously no one knows my missus but this is like "yes you can have one lol"

    Now we got to the store, I don't think I can name it as they are not a sponsor but It was just a little shop on the end of a row of other shops. Not getting my hopes up we entered, finding it to be bigger than it appeared from outside. Immediately, seeing the counter with no on around I quickly spotted skimmers, reactors, pumps, reef additives etc stacked high behind, and thinking "this is more like it". We walked in and immediately were greeted by who I now know is the owner dealing with a couple of people at a coral tank. We walked passed and started looking around after taking a glimpse at the corals. I beelined to the aquariums but again nothing that suited so we worked our way back to look at the fish. Well, this place was spotless, every tank, clean and some nice specimens on offer and got the comments from the other half about some that we had before and how she used to love them etc etc Next was the coral tank, only 2, but again spotless and all the coral looking nice and healthy.

    We eventually spoke to the owner for a couple of minutes, told him I had been in the hobby years ago which I'm sure he hears all the time and got on to tanks. I said we were 'thinking' about getting another. He filled me in what he could get and eventually left with an Evolution Aqua and Red sea brochure.
    Now the last 4 or 5 tanks I have had have always been used, the idea of spending £1000+ on a piece of glass has always been a hard thing to justify in all honesty and too be honest I have had some nice used systems, to me they were anyway.
    After glimpsing through the red sea brochure and coming to the conclusion they were out of my price range, as I need all the other equipment too I proceed to spend the rest of the night sat in front of the laptop and just discovering how much has changed and how much I had forgotten. Looking at the classified/Ebay etc but in all honesty couldn't find anything that didn't have rust, salt creep or scratched glass.

    Next day, and a half day at work the missus suggests we go back after I go home to pick her up. On returning the place is heaving but we eventually managed to get to have a chat with the owner. So after reading a few reviews about the EA tanks I had mad0e up my mind on the Red sea, they really do look a nice bit of kit and most importantly the missus approved.
    So prices, the 250 or the 350. Basically there was £250 difference so the Reefer 250 won the day, so we transferred some money and paid along with a bunch of other stuff.

    Oh yes the reefer 250 won the day for about 45 minutes until we got home and ended up phoning the shop to order the 350 Deluxe instead and had to upgrade all the other kit :rolleyes:

    So that's the story so far. 48 hours and on the way back into the hobby. Now we just need to sell a handmade display cabinet that is in the way ;)

    Unfortunately Its been delayed until the beginning of April so may change one or two of the other items ;)

    If you got this far thanks for reading :)


    By alfie,

    Evening all

    I'm on my way back!

    Tank Breakdown

    By LuCoAX,

    Hi all, after careful consideration I have decided that I should give up reef keeping (for now). I’m offering my tank (400ltr AquaOne AquaReef) with cabinet and sump, pumps and what ever else. I’m giving this away to who ever can come collect it from Salford with the only proviso being that you have to collect it and bring enough people to lift as I have back/spine issues. I can give a full list of what is available if anyone is interested.





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    Post pictures

    By markalex74,

    Been so long since I bothered to post any pictures,what you guys using now as my photobucket no longer working 

    not been around for a while.....

    By warby,

    not been around for a while some of you will know me some won't :)


    my old 60x27x24 tank has been shut down and iv upgraded. not much of an upgrade only 3 inches taller but this tank has steel frame stand, weir, dry area for the electricals, custom sump for running triton.


    will get a tank thread going when I get chance here's a couple of pics for now:



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    added gen 4 radions last week and out my t5's back on the tank currently modifying the brackets for the t5's so I can slide the front ones out of the way.

    here's a few corals pictures some a within the last few weeks others are from about 8 weeks ago

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    ID of Critters please

    By andyales,

    Hi Can someone please ID these critters for me please.




    New to the forum

    By andyales,

    I am new to the forum, my name is Andy. I have been keeping marine fish for about 4 years now and have learnt a lot during that time, like a lot of what not to do but also a lot of what should be done.
    I started with a BiOrb with a modified filter pump filled with carbon and phosphate pellets, sand substrate and live rock with an starry blennie and a pair of clowns, but quickly realised this wasn't a good setup, so upgraded.
    my upgraded and present setup is a Juwel LIDO 120 ltr tank with Juwel filter housing filled with live rock and filter floss, Juwel Protein skimmer ((Pre Juwel remod)which is rubbish), 2 power heads and an eheim surface skimmer, deep sand base with live rock back wall, pillar and outcrop. occupants of the tank are my original pair of Clowns, a male red scooter blennie, and a allen's damsel, a flaming scallop, a tube anemone, numerous turban snails, bubble bee snails, conch snail and  columbellid snails a blue legged hermit, and a couple of rock pool hermits (unsure of the variety). I also have a few varieties of marco algaes and also still plagued with hair algae and cyanobacteria algae.