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The Reef-Face Team


    By sphinx5s5,

    Hello not sure as there hasn't been any movement in here but the website is down? 

    Back to the salty stuff

    By Danny241085,

    Hey all, after a few years away I’m back to the salty addiction.


    Few familiar names on here which is good to see, I was know as geg11 previously on another forum.


    Anyway I have got my reefer 170 tank thread going in the medium tank section.



    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Red Sea Reefer 170 - Back after a few years away

    By Danny241085,

    Well after a long 3 years away from marine's I finally decided it was time to get back up and running again.

    Below is my spe:

    Red Sea Reefer 170 in White
    AI Hydra 26 HD in White LED System
    Aqua Medic DC Runner 3.1 Return Pump
    Bubble Magus C3.5 Protein Skimmer
    Bubble Magus Mini 70 Media Reactor
    VorTech QD MP10

    I decided to go for aquaroche as my rock, used it previously and like the scapes you can make without the hassle of searching out for the right pieces of live rock.

    Start-up was done by using the red sea mature kit, first time I have used this and subsequently found that the timing of the programme are based on using live rock, so my levels haven't really matched what is expected.

    Still struggling with high nitrates of around 40ppm and recently had a bacteria bloom, but have dropped the NOPOX dose right back and cloudiness now seems to have stopped.

    Amm and Nitrite levels are at 0ppm, but the phos also shows 0ppm so need that to become detectable to balance things out.

    I am using the normal red sea salt and intent to use the red sea programme once things get moving coral wise.

    First purchase was the CUC: 4 common hermits (none of which seem to have done very well), 2 Super turbo snails who are motoring around and 4 snorkel snails

    Last weekend I added my 2 clown fish and they are doing well.

    Things I still need to consider:

    - Nitrate control: either Cheato or algae reactor (ALR)

    - Dosing system

    - New ATU (the reefer 170 ATU is just too small)

    Anyway enough of the talking, here are some pics.







    Interzoo 2018 Red Sea

    By mrdave,



    By mrdave,


    ReefLED™- a 90W Reef-Spec® light unit based on a dual channel compact LED array ensures optimal coral growth and maximum rendition of their vibrant colors. No guesswork is required to get guaranteed Reef-Spec® daylight through a combination of Reef-Spec® Blue (fixed ratio of ultraviolet-violet-blue LEDs) and 8000K White LED channels. The app provides a range of preset lighting programs with sunrise/sunset effects, lunar cycle moonlights, random clouds and an acclimation program for new installations.

    Red Sea Control App

    By mrdave,



    At interzoo 2018 Red Sea unveiled some new products - ReefDose, ReefLed and ReefWave. They are a great addition to their current products but what makes them more desirable is the added bonus off controllability from a single app.

    From the app you will be able to monitor and control the ReefDose,ReefLed and ReefWave's

    From what I can see on the picture it will also allow you to track how much you have dosed and what you have left in your dosing vessel like the Apex DDR. Control of your lighting settings and flow  from the ReefWaves.

    I will update this when I have more info


    New product ReefDose

    By mrdave,

    red-sea-reefdose-1-770x409REEF FACE.jpg

    ReefDose™- 4-head, dosing pump that makes dosing more accurate, easier to perform and more affordable. ReefDose™ features single-drop precision (0.06ml), allows for both scheduled and manual dosing and even monitors the amount of supplement left in each container. The unit records each dose that is actually dispensed while the app can provide a complete analysis of your supplementing.


    Release dates and pricing TBC





    Red Sea ReefWave

    By mrdave,

    Hot off the press from Interzoo 2018



    The Red Sea ReefWave is a new addition to Red Sea products and a great addition to any aquarium IMO

    They have taken the patented Gryre concept and made it wireless through the Red Sea App 




    ReefWave™- advanced cross-flow wave pumps (based on “Gyre” patented technology) provide natural and powerful water movement across the aquarium with unique reverse and alternating waves. Incorporating quiet and energy efficient sine-wave technology, each pump comes with a controller that includes a wide range of on-board programs, as well as a wi-fi connection to Red Sea’s user-friendly app that offers even more wave options

    The official release date and pricing is still TBC





    Evergrow/Semigrow IT50 Series in stock

    By marinefarm,

    We have in stock the full range of the IT50 series lights.  The IT50 series replace the IT20 series.  They are lighter, use less energy, less noise and better LEDs.

    Prices start at £254.99.

    all the units can be viewed at https://www.marinefarm.co.uk/tank-equipment/lighting/evergrow

    Any questions please ask :)

    Greetings from Innovitech with the X Filter, the most advanced mechanical roller filter

    By StevenD,

    Greetings to the forum!

    I would like to introduce ourselves. We are a startup with one goal, to bring to the hobby innovative products with the use of state of the art technology (here comes the name "Innovitech")

    It all begun from a DIY project on roller filters where I found there we some gaps in the market to offer me a product based on my needs. There was a request from fellow hobbyists to take this further and bring to market a product to fit their needs and we thought it was a good idea!

    The background of the people involved in this project in many ways, are proper engineers and scientists from different disciplines. The R&D process took many inputs and we even had a testing program which was consisted by fellow reefers with a genuine passion in this hobby. All R&D and prototyping took place solely in the UK.

    The goal and what has been achieved now, is to bring the most advanced automatic mechanical filter to market, starting with two models. We are not here to create competition with other manufacturers, we are here to close the gap in the market and produce a high end filter which will be on the high end of the price range as well.

    The first one is the X Filter 1.0. The 1.0 has the smallest footprint within the sump container than any other filter, but can also support flows up to 6000lph and has successfully supported systems up to 1000L. This filter is designed for sumps with tight spaces.

    The X Filter 1.7 pushes the limits even further, providing flows and system supports that no other manufacturer has ventured for,

    Some key features of the X Filter lineup:

    • Solid state water level sensor, manufactured in the UK with custom firmware embedded
    • Multiple media grade support, the first device to support all these grades, ranging at 9 microns (!), 17 microns, 25 microns and 32 microns
    • No plumbing required! The unit has it's own overflow section. Simply dump in the standpipes or flex pipes into the unit. Up to 2x 40mm or 1x 50mm for the X Filter 1.0 or up to 3x 40mm or 2x 50mm for the X Filter 1.7
    • The longest media available in the market. 65 metres of media on all grades!
    • Innovative panel design (that's where the X comes from), that helped us to support these high flows
    • Vortex generating bypass controllers: A very smart design to allow the unit to bypass some of the water, without allowing detritus to pass through them and get filtered out for better media usage at high flows
    • Modular design: The unit can be installed with the main body which is fully submersible and install electronics and fleece section post installation.
    • Advanced alarm in case of a jam, sump water level increase if return is shut off etc.
    The are some of the features but more to come on release which is very soon.

    Here are some pictures of the preproduction version of the X Filter 1.0. The production versions of the X Filter 1.0 and X Filter 1.7 will be presented on official announcement.







    More information to come on release. The production version has many improvements and the 1.7 is a major game changer!


    Thank you,