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    By ANT@TMC,

    We have a number of websites with some fantastic information on our products, we are also active on social media! links below.

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    Please welcome TMC to Reef Face

    By mrdave,

    As above guys please welcome @ANT@TMC

    and be sure to direct all your TMC questions to the Tropical marine Centre section 

    Going rate for Red Sea Max e170?

    By mayo,

    Hi all, what’s the going rate for a second hand Red Sea max e170 with upgraded sump in white with al hydra led unit?





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    Aqua medic antired

    By Damo666,

    I've just acquired a bottle of aqua medic antired from an lfs on their advice as I'm struggling to rid my tank of cyanobacteria. I didn't go in for that, I actually wanted to upgrade my aqua one wavemakers, settling on a pair of TMC reef tide 6000. I'm hoping the greater range of control through the programmable controller will give better flow. The aqua ones could only be on a set power, either on for a preset time or off. So, back to the treatment. I've no experience of any cyano treatment. I tried to research this one but didn't come up with much. I never put anything in my system that I don't know the pros and cons of, so would appreciate any feedback if anyone is familiar with this product. Thanks.

    hawaii aquarium trade stopped indefinitely

    Classified section

    By mayo,

    Any reason why I can’t see what’s in the classified section? Or is there actually nothing in there?



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    Live rock

    By Miggs,

    Well after purchasing 30kgs of live rock for my setup and storing it with heater and pump in container I decided to inspect at night for hitch hikers as you can see there was an awfully amount of critters


    So I decided I didn't want that amount in my tank so today I've emptied the saltwater and filled with rodi water and low and behold they all start to come out


    Now my question is what do I do now do I dry it out after 24 hours then start to cycle in the container again or bleach it etc bit lost 41d108b0f307cff69ef5e20b2e9a1b39.jpg


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    not an algae, just cyano

    By Damo666,

    So, been trying to get control of cyanobacteria over last four weeks. Had alot of help and it's become apparent that my near zero phosphates aren't helping. Nitrates are 5-10. Apart from the imbalance, I'm starving my corals. Skimmate has gone from dark chocolate to near clear lager coloured. So skimmer and phosphate reactor both switched off for now. I've increased feeding from 1 cube of frozen to 3per day. Corals are 100+various polyps, 10 mushrooms, 3 Kenya trees, 4 leathers, pulsing xania, duncans, toadstool, candy cane, torch coral, I'm guessing 25 separate corals. Fish are yellow and regal tang, two small common clowns, blue throat triggerfish, cleaner wrasse, firefish, 5 green chromis, scooter blenny and an orange spot goby. 12 mixed hermits, turbos and those "elephant trunk" snails lol. Tank is an Aqua one 350 with full sump, denitrate, alpha grog and life rock for filtration. TMC reef pump for return, TMC reef fill auto top up, elitech temp controller with twin heaters, DD reactor with phosguard. Lighting is two Viper spectra 165w led fittings, I've been dropping the intensity back over last 4 weeks, currently 30% blues, 20% white. Lighting period is 9hrs blue, 7hr white





    Hello from me to you

    By Damo666,

    Hello all. Name is Damo, been in the salty world since Christmas. Previously dabbled in everything freshwater since my teens, laterally fully planted discus set up. Been a fan of another forum, but that's gone right the pan lately. So I'm off to put my first give me help post now as I'm struggling to sort cyanobacteria.


    Running out of room

    By Miggs,

    As I'm nearly there with my marine tank set up I'm thinking a bit further down the line


    IE doser and ATU but as you can see from picture I'm running out of room any of you more experienced reef keepers have any ideas how I can add and where would be a good place to fit it all in



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