Random not quite reef tank question

    By LuCoAX,

    Hi all. I'm starting up a new planted tropical. Can I seed it with a bit of filter floss/sponge from my reef tanks?



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    Halloween Hermit

    By w3bbo,

    I think this little bar steward has been decimating my hermits. I used to have 10 or so blue leg & algae hermits before putting him in the tank. Now I only ever see the halloween one. 

    Anyone kept them before?

    Savings on electric

    mr tap water
    By mr tap water,

    The other day I was noticing just how much my heaters come on and off,


    So thought I'd try and go back to condensation trays to see if they make a difference I bought two pieces of 2 mil picture frame glass which is the thinnest you can buy and just by leaving them on overnight for eight hours I was amazed to see but I saved 11 units of electric and that's just only eight hours at night imagine how much you can save between bills.



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    Flake foods

    mr tap water
    By mr tap water,

    A few weeks ago I bought this flake food, but I am reluctant to use it now from what I've read on the back saying that it contains some sort of copper, and also being that they portray it as marine food going by the picture.


    I have never come across this on other types of flake food I've bought over the years stating copper.


    So I would like to hear your views and is there anything to worry about with this food.





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    mr tap water
    By mr tap water,

    Am I right to say this is an open brain if not would like to know ,

    taking up a lot of room these days 10 inches in diameter now.




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    Been Away - Tank In Poor Shape .... suggestions please ?

    By theharks,



    Sorry didnt know how to add comments 

    This is my tank - I've been away and its not been looked after properly - please look at the pictures and give any advice you can


    Phos and Nitrates are too high - I've started water changes and cleaned the tank a little 

    Started treatment with Phos and Nitrate remover today ....


    Stray voltage

    mr tap water
    By mr tap water,

    How do you know when you've got stray voltage in your tank water and has anyone ever experienced it.
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    Easter Eggstraviganza at iQuatics

    iQuatics UK
    By iQuatics UK,


    Happy Easter from all at iQuatics!



    Until Midnight on Monday, we are offering you 10% OFF SELECTED PRODUCTS.

    FREE TOWELS for orders over £30 and a FREE FISH GEEK T-shirt for orders over £100.

    Have a fantastic Easter from all the team here at iQuatics! 


    Multiple angels

    David Owen
    By David Owen,

    After some advise and people's experience in keeping multiple Genicanthus angels I currently running an 72''x24''x30'' tank so not small or massive, I have an female Lamarck angel (only angel in tank) tank balance is really good at moment no chasing or bullying after I removed the blue line tang. BUT I REALLY REALLY want an swallow tail angel and my local LF had one for sale but instead of just letting my heart buy the fish I decided to listen to my head for once and spoke to staff member and asked them to hold fish until I can make an more informed decision and get some info of you guys on how you got on in keeping multiple angels I understand each fish will behave differently and has it's own personality

    RO water V calibrating fluid

    mr tap water
    By mr tap water,

    With Refractometer I've been reading a lot of controversial things about the two,

    like it makes no difference, you should only use calibrated fluid ,should only be measuring it at 35ppt with calibrating fluid not 0 as you do with RO. Along with saying different calibrating fluids can vary to along with different batches.


    I myself ever since owning a Refractometer have only ever used RO I have never compare the two, so have my doubts now on is there a difference?


    Would like to hear what you use and have you ever use both and what was the results.



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