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  2. Hello from me to you

    thanks Kamran, I'm sure I will 😊
  3. Last week
  4. Hello from me to you

    Welcome to the forum! I hope you like your stay! -Kamran
  5. DIY Macro algae reactor

    Thanks I'll still be about but something had to give sadly due to time. As it is in at work all day and then strait from work and working on the car till around 10pm and weekends spent on it. Once racing Saturdays normally a prep day and Sundays racing so time is limited. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. DIY Macro algae reactor

    Well I wish you well in your future endeavours buddy Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  7. DIY Macro algae reactor

    Yeah with going back to oval racing something had to give and it would not be fair on the tank as it would end up neglected due to how much time is taken up racing ect Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. DIY Macro algae reactor

    No way dude!! I didn't even know you was selling up Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  9. DIY Macro algae reactor

    It's been working absolutly spot on with mega growth Sadly my tank is going tomorrow so I will not be able to offer anymore updates of it but from what I have seen it has worked excellent true value for money Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. Please can every one give @Bio Aquatek a warm welcome to Reef Face Welcome Adam
  11. DIY Macro algae reactor

    How you getting on with this buddy? Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  12. New Sponsor

    Welcome to reef face Osmotics [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. New Sponsor

    Welcome to Reef-Face @Osmotics
  14. Reverse Osmosis Systems and Accessories

    Bought my first kit from you guys. I can testament to the quality as its still going strong!
  15. Hey Guys, Dave kindly asked us to pop over and take part in this forum, always a pleasure that. If you need anything from the world of Reverse Osmosis and general water filtration products, we should be your first stop! Setting the scene here, we've been around since 2005 continuously offering new and innovative products to the market. We've seen a lot of copies of our products reach the market but rest assured, you won't find a better quality product or service than by buying direct from us. No hard sells, no cheap and cheerful stuff that you have to buy again in 6 months either, our products stand the test of time and won't cost you an arm and a leg buying twice. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us although we'd prefer if you did that via our website contact form at the following link as it's tied with our customer database and therefore we can keep all our records in one place. https://www.osmotics.co.uk/pages/Contact-Us.html
  16. New Sponsor

    Guys please welcome Osmotics to reef face @Osmotics
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  18. Hello from me to you

    Not alot to report tbh. phosphate still low, cyano may be slowing down a little (I hope). Mr Dave, that green skimmate has returned back to it's week tea colour so not sure what's going on there. Thanks for the welcome tiger tank, hello to you 😊
  19. Chinese Houyi Lighting Led Units

    No idea I'm afraid. I would guess the hy-ao2 would work.
  20. Chinese Houyi Lighting Led Units

    Hi all, i know this is an old post but need some help with a houyi led unit i purchased with no power pack. The unit is 4foot long and has 48 3w leds. It looks identical to the hy-a02 but doesnt have any vents for fans on the top. I know it needs a 36v power supply that connects to the top of the unit by a screw connector. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a power supply or would it be possible to just use any 36v 3a led driver.
  21. We have had fantastic feedback on the whole Gamma Nutra range, also use it in my home tank with great feeding response they go crazy for it. Thanks Ant
  22. Gonna give the nutra shots a go. Save me dipping my hands in twice for the rings or algae sheets!
  23. Parameter log

    Here's mine. Bit more complex with some fancy graphs and tools. I also added some conditional parameters to show at a glance where my levels are. Green = good, yellow = requires adjustment, red = danger. This obviously depends on your own ideal parameters, mine are: Temp = 26 Ph = 8.2 Ca = 400-450 Alk= 6.5-7.5 Mg = 1280-1425 PO4 = <0.05 NO3 = <6ppm Reef Tracker 2017.xlsx
  24. NEW RANGE OF UK MANUFACTURED GAMMA PRODUCTS – HIGH QUALITY FISH FOODS FOR ALL AQUARIUM INHABITANTS! Craig introduces our new GAMMA Nutra range of products in this short video! Gamma NutraShots - pre-mixed, ready to use, stick on food doses designed to enrich the animal's environment and stimulate natural grazing and feeding responses. RRP from £10.99. Developed, tested and used by all TMC fish houses. Gamma NutraPlus – liquid feed suspensions - an ultra convenient way of getting all the benefits of our Gamma Frozen Foods, but without the need for a freezer! RRP from £6.99. Developed, tested and used by all TMC fish houses. Gamma NutraSpray – feed-enhancing sprays which can be sprayed onto any frozen or dry aquarium food. With three products available, you can use the appropriate one required - to enhance immunity, colour or just help encourage your fish to feed. RRP £4.99. Developed, tested and used by all TMC fish houses. #TMC #TropicalMarineCentre #TMCTelford #Gamma #NutraShots #NutraPellets #NutraPlus #NutraSpray #Onlyfeedyourfishthebestfood #yum #newproduct
  25. NEW PRODUCT! Coming this winter REEF-Habitats - Advanced Aquarium Systems + REEF-Habitat Nano! Our all-new marine aquarium systems include an opti-white aquarium, a sump and cabinet and also come with a range of other marine equipment, depending on particular package chosen. The sumped aquariums (3 large sizes) are fitted with a black glass weir and black glass rear panel. Easy to clean acrylic weir comb and our Rota-Flo and duckbill nozzles. The drain plumbing is a twin standpipe construction with high quality ball valve fitted with pre-built hard pipe plumbing and flexible pipe on the return. These tanks have thicker glass and are taller (500mm) and deeper (500mm) than our Signature range. All sumped cabinets are available in high gloss white or black at 80cm tall. The aquariums are available in 3 widths 50cm - 60cm - 90cm. From £699.99 to £1999.99 depending on size and package chosen. All sumped packages come with a DC REEF-Pump and Filter sock as standard. The REEF-Habitat Nano is an evolution of our MicroHabitat 60 but with new CNC cut internal walls and our V2iLumenAir Connect 25w, WiFi controllable lighting system as standard. For the first time ever, these aquarium packages can now be delivered direct to the end-user via tail lift courier for a nominal fee! #TMC #TropicalMarineCentre #TMCTelford #REEFHabitats #Advanced #Aquarium #Systems #Nano #ReefAquarium
  26. REEF-Salt is manufactured exclusively for TMC by Tropic Marin and is the ideal foundation for the care and optimum growth of fish, corals and other aquatic invertebrates in modern reef aquariums. Our new REEF-Salt is the perfect low cost salt. Suitable for ALL marine aquariums from fish only to full hard coral reefs. The salt has been laboratory-manufactured to the usual, exacting standards of Tropic Marin’s other salts and is designed to naturally replicate reef environments whilst being very cost effective. Perfect for high volume users and beginners alike. Quality combined with affordability. KH: approx 7-8 Calcium: approx. 410-440 ppm Magnesium: approx. 1250 - 1350 ppm depending on salinity etc REEF-Salt 10kg (RRP £26.99) REEF-Salt 20kg (RRP £48.99) #TMC #TropicalMarineCentre #TMCTelford #TMCLookForTheLabel #REEFSalt #AQUA2017
  27. NEW PRODUCT! Coming this winter REEF-Roller & REEF Roller Compact Automatic Roller Filters These advanced automatic mechanical roller filters are available in a standard or compact size, and both filter aquarium water down to 50 microns, replacing the need for high maintenance filter bag/filter sock systems. They include integrated water sensors which ensure that as the filter roll material becomes clogged with detritus and waste, new filter material is automatically replaced, ensuring constant removal of waste and fuss free operation. Spend less time cleaning and replacing filter socks and more time enjoying your tank! REEF-Roller RRP £189.99 REEF Roller Compact RRP £169.99 Replacement Filter Roll 50 micron, 45 metre length. RRP £19.99 #TMC #TropicalMarineCentre #TMCTelford #REEFRoller #Compact #Newproduct
  28. TMC FAQ's

    Hi, I thought I would add a FAQ's of the most common questions we receive at TMC! 1, Do the Tropical Marine Centre have open days for the public to buy? Health and safety and staffing is the biggest issue. We have a lot of tanks and not a lot of space for people!, plus we can’t sell you anything! Becouse we only supply the Trade. 2, Do we a paticular fish in stock? We don't give out livestock availability, but we do often have a so many different species in stock. Please speak to your local aquarium store and TMC stockist for more information. 3, Do we supply spares for our equipment? Yes we do, but you will need to contact your local TMC stockist to order parts for you. 4, Do we stock tank bred fish? Yes we do, if we can get a tank bred fish over a wild caught fish we will do so.
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